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I started Writersblogs as a creative writing group to share what we know, absorb what we don't know and encourage each other to write in our own special ways. Writing is like art, each of us has our own style and with support we can search more deeply into ourselves and our imaginations. Writing is a journey and each word on paper is part of the adventure. My idea was to create a group where we could visualise each other's words, hear each others inner voices or interior monologues musings. Each person in the group has a chance to host a workshop at their own homes. This way we tell our own story. Opening the door is like opening the first page of our book, our script. Living in Betty's Bay allows us to live "Out of the Box." We take our environment and free it on our pages. We share our interest in Literature and life, read passages from our favourite books, share movies and music we love, our passions, our everyday ordinary experiences.

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