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Margie Wilson

This is a powerful site. Amazing to think that there is so much talent in such a small corner of the world. Yet, look at the fynbos, and one sees the beauty that is there – this is the beauty reflected in your writing. It’s earthy, profound and stimulating. May there be many, many more essays, poems and commentaries from you all. I shall definitely return to read more.

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The Cape fynbos kingdom

is a place where

squalling winds herd ocean birds shorewards.

hard rains infuse summer-dry soil

Orchids cling to water -furrowed misty cliffs

slopes thick with Proteas run to the sea

dormant seeds ant-drawn into earth chambers

sprout among blackened fire-tufts

cicarda nymphs molt on wiry stemmed Restios

Springs open petals tincture valleys warm with light

the archaic hail of trumpeting Ericas

pay homage to the mountains

great ancestors of Gondwanaland

in who’s leached acid ground

the fynbos Kingdom flourishes

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